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Seasoned operates in a variety of workplace environments, providing a range of tailored workplace catering services to our clients in this ever changing business landscape.

We cater for everything from small modular mobile concepts and vending to cafes, delis and restaurants. Our mission is always to create attractive environments for customers to refuel and relax for lunch, or just grab a coffee with colleagues or clients.

We engage with our customers every day designing menus and food concepts that are unique to each business and ethos and we ensure that there’s always something different to try throughout the day. From freshly filled sandwiches, handcrafted cakes and treats, wholesome soups and salads and high quality artisan coffee we create workplace catering solutions that are 100% personalised to our clients and their staff.

We tailor the environment to suit the space as we are well aware that some offices and workplaces no longer have the daily demand for a comprehensive on-site production kitchen and staff restaurant, or coffee bar. However, you may still have an ambition to provide an alternative food and drink experience for staff, visitors and clients.

Our team works with clients to reimagine, recreate and innovate their workplace environment with our Cafepods’ experience and together we strike a new balance in this unfamiliar post-lockdown world between public health, sustainable growth, best value and providing staff with inspiring food and drink experiences that encourage safe interaction, relationships, emotions, health and wellbeing.


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