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The UK’s boutique coffee revolution has built up a head of steam rapidly so we’ve always got something brewing to create new aficionado-worthy coffee experiences. We are passionate about all things coffee and we care deeply about where our coffee is sourced and roasted, just as much as our customers.

We partner with ethical small batch coffee roasters, Hej. The Hej team sources their sustainable green coffee beans direct from farmers, or through established trading companies, which are roasted at their in-house roastery in London and then sustainably packaged and delivered to our cafes.

As a responsible catering company, we care as much about where the beans are sourced from and how the growers are treated as we do about the quality of our artisan coffee. We need to know that every drop makes its way to the UK sustainably.

Our Hej Carnival blend is our most popular coffee due to it being balanced perfectly with four different types of beans. These beans are sourced from Ethiopia, Brazil, Sumatra and Columbia from coffee suppliers who ensure that the beans are sourced from growers where basic human rights for all employees are respected and protected; there is no child labour or forced labour; there are in place fair basic conditions of employment; and there are good standards of workplace health and safety. A perfect example of this is our Columbian filter coffee. This coffee comes from one of only 78 farms from 13 villages around Aipe, Huila, in Colombia’s central Andes. The coffee originates from a single farmer micro-lot which the association has produced this season to diversify their selection, improve quality and ultimately improve prices for their membership.

It is then up to us to ensure our team of baristas are well trained and have the knowledge and confidence to create coffee for champions, which we do as part of the Seasoned Academy learning and development programme. We also engage with our team so that, instead of just throwing our used coffee grounds away, we collect them, package them and give them to our customers to take home to use as fertiliser on their compost – a great example of our commitment to waste management where we use waste to generate energy.

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