How We Do it


The Seasoned team uses vital technology which enables us to deliver extraordinary customer experiences. All of this data is cloud-based and available 24/7, offering the Seasoned team real-time reports and results which we are able to share with our partners to maximise all available opportunities.

Customer experience

To deliver truly exceptional experiences we always consider a variety of touchpoints in order to create a guest-first approach that is adaptive to user needs, not the other way round. Alongside our surveys, mystery shopper experiences, questionnaires, forum groups, KPI’s and SLA’s sits technology. We believe that one of the most fundamental methods of achieving continuous improvement is by always looking to improving the customer journey touchpoints with fast, frictionless and rewarding app technology.

We have a range of loyalty rewards and commerce software and apps at our disposal that provide solutions which allow us to engage with users, improving customer retention and increasing revenue. This technology gives us genuine insight to understand what’s driving revenue and the tools to

increase sales and footfall. It connects with our POS data, unlocking real-time customer behaviour and preferences and delivering personalised experiences to customers without ever compromising privacy or sensitive consumer data.


Management systems


Foodbuy allows the Seasoned team to streamline the workload associated with food procurement, processing potentially thousands of financial transactions, and maximising efficiency and cost-effectiveness throughout the supply chain process.


EPOS gives the Seasoned team access to invaluable sales data, enabling

them to provide a tailored, relevant and engaging retail offer for our clients and customers, including average spends, transaction volumes, product sales by category and our best (and worst) sellers.


Indicater provides the Seasoned team with an intranet for internal communications, audits, training, reporting, invoicing, H&S, legislation and much more.

Side view, focus of young woman hand touching on the digital tablet to receive order from customer in coffee shop.

Hospitality Hub

Hospitality Hub provides the Seasoned team with a comprehensive online hospitality management system that manages each step of the event process, from placing an order to delivery, including; hospitality ordering, kitchen production, client billing, room bookings, CRM and event management.



Business trends and data


Green10 provides the Seasoned team with live time data relating to responsible sourcing, purchasing and sustainability that includes food mileage, sustainable packaging, food waste and animal welfare. The team can review metrics to monitor and measure against specific targets to ensure they are sourcing responsibly.


Metrics enables the Seasoned team to monitor market trends more closely and plan menus more effectively for the forthcoming seasons. Metrics captures invoice information, analyses it and processes the captured data to provide the Seasoned team with an online business intelligence solution that monitors and tracks their procurement performance, including supplier price fluctuations, quality standards, distribution and compliance.


Clarity provides the Seasoned team with a clear understanding of specific purchasing activity compared to an industry average. This gives our team insight into whether they are paying less, the same, or more than industry averages for key product lines and is an effective price comparison tool.