How We Do it


Our sustainable approach to catering is built around our people and thanks to the commitment and engagement of our teams, suppliers and partners, we are able to honour our values and make promises that are delivered, whilst gaining trust and respect.

We are always committed to implementing our sustainable policies of ‘Recycle. Reuse. Reduce’ and empowering and engaging our team to be responsible for food and office waste and our carbon footprint.

We hold the Soil Association’s Food For Life Served Here endorsements at Brighton Centre, which demonstrates our commitment to serving fresh food, sourcing sustainably and ethically, making healthy eating easy and championing local food producers.

Our chefs promote good health by creating freshly ‘made from scratch’ healthy and nutritious, ‘low salt and low sugar’ menus with the invaluable support from our very own Nutritionist and Raw Vegan Coach, Rochelle Costa, who is always on hand to help design balanced yet wholesome and delicious menus, tailored to suit the needs and desires of our customers and clients. We believe healthy and nutritious food plays an integral role in our overall wellbeing.

We have increased the daily production of plant-based dishes across our kitchens in a move to raise awareness of the environmental impact of meat and dairy production. We have integrated more vegetarian and vegan dishes into our core menus in order to make a difference to people’s health, happiness and productivity by helping our customers eat well, especially with the growing popularity of flexitarian diets.

Up to 10 tonnes of produce is rejected every week in the UK because of its imperfection which can end up in landfill. We educate our chefs to support local farmers and with some creativity and planning, incorporate the rejected veg into our soups, stocks and salads. We partner with Fisher and Woods who supply a selection of ’ugly’ fruit and vegetables that may not look perfect but taste great!

We exercise effective refuse management systems that increase the opportunities for recycling coffee grounds, plastic, cardboard and glass, reducing landfill waste. Additionally, our waste frying oil is fully regulated with the Environment Agency.

Through our partnership with Life Water and charity, Drop4Drop, we have supported the construction of two clean water well projects in the Mpigi District of Uganda and Paschim Chengmari Biswas Para in India’s West Bengal community. Every bottle of Life Water sold funds the delivery of at least 1,000 litres of clean drinking water and we are working towards our third well.