We’re Seasoned – an amazingly dynamic team of highly motivated, bright, talented people whose sole focus is on creating extraordinary smile-inducing food and drink experiences. We run cafes, hospitality, workplace restaurants and delis, high street restaurants, and an office delivery service using the freshest, seasonal and sustainably sourced ingredients.

Discover the seven fundamental rules that we follow every day that help remind us all what it means to “Be Seasoned”

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Marinade of

Teamwork brings more rewards for everyone.

Seasoned is proud to be a family with an amazing array of skills, experiences, knowledge and perspectives which naturally encourages us to create, grow and evolve. We encourage our people to always be themselves and support us in being a diverse and inclusive business. Our extraordinary team helps influence and shape who we are, what we do and how we do it.

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Power of

Ditching our egos allows us to be authentic and appreciate the value of everyone.

Every day our mission is to connect with people on a personal level, whether it’s through our team or our food and to create inclusive experiences for everyone. Our Seasoned WhatsApp channel is our ego-free zone that gives our team the perfect platform to share knowledge, opinion and trends, whilst always keeping it real.
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Thirst for

Keeping an open mind allows us to embrace opportunity and add new flavours to the mix.

We’re never afraid of doing something differently and our experiences will always guide us, but never limit what we can achieve together. We encourage our team to be ambassadors for our treasured suppliers whether it’s arranging supplier tastings, bread baking classes or trips to Smithfield Market and Billingsgate Market. #thirstyformore
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Love for

Making a difference without compromise.

We take our responsibilities very seriously and we are always exploring how we can source and create more accessible, sustainable and ethical solutions for our communities and partners. We have a fabulous range of fully vegan plant-based dishes and we are proud to operate meat free Mondays in some of our workplaces and cafes which our customers love. We’re also planning on planting 500 trees on the grounds at our HQ to do our bit to help tackle the climate crisis.

  of talent

Fuelled by excitement, our brilliant team of seasoned performers has the tools and ingredients to handle anything.

We seek talent and empower and nurture our team to shine and we have successfully run an apprentice scheme since 2011 in order to nurture today’s talent for tomorrow’s future.
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Sense of

In tune with the ever changing trends that unfold around us.

Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest ideas and we always encourage our resourceful team to toss new ideas into the marinade, whatever the season. Our newest idea for Spring 2022 that made it from the melting pot to the honeypot is installing six beehives in the grounds of our HQ to help support our local bee population.
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Importance of   generosity

Karma has no menu. You get served what you deserve.

It’s important to remember why we do what we love and to recharge the batteries and always pay back when we can. It can be very rewarding to take a leap of faith every now and again which is why we give our team time off work for volunteering and fundraising activities. #sponsorme #skydiving #crownfoundation
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